FO Friday: To Pom or Not To Pom

The hat I let you peak at on Wednesday has been finished and blocked, now the only finishing detail that’s not squared away is whether to add a PomPom to the top of it.

Sorry for the crappy morning picture, the sun isn't quite awake yet...

I vote yes.  My best friend votes no.

What’s your vote?

Mmm wavy warmth and softness

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13 thoughts on “FO Friday: To Pom or Not To Pom

  1. It’s so beautiful! I don’t think it needs a pompom… to me, a pompom is really cute and playful, but the colors in this hat say ‘sophisticated’… just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. I love this look exactly as it is, sans pompom. But when you write up the pattern, you could make a pom an optional feature, right? This is yet another pattern I can’t Wait for you to write up!!

  3. YES YES YES! I love a good pompom and I think the colors of this hat are so playful that a pompom would make it extra fun.

    But if you’re feeling really torn about it, maybe you should consider a detachable pom. An easy button on pom or something clever for the days you feel like pompomin’ it up 🙂

  4. Looks like the non poms win…which is where my vote goes. Not a fan of poms in general and I think this hat looks awesome and the pom would detract from it, plus…….I’m no good at making them, lol

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