Musical Monday: Yay for Live Shows!

Happy Monday!  This week I’m sharing my favorite song from Young the Giant‘s first CD.  I was first introduced to this band almost a year and a half ago when they opened for Minus the Bear whom I had gone to see in Albuquerque.  I was smitten with the band from their opening set and have been following them ever since and now they’re doing their own headlining shows and are playing on the radio!  How exciting is it when you get to see the development of hardwork and talent come to fruition?

Last Monday a small collection of friends I went to see their sold out show at the Bluebird Theater.  I didn’t hear about the show until after all the tickets had sold out and was bummed that I would miss seeing them, but Shay fandangled a pair of tickets from Craigslist and then I actually ended up winning two more from Westword

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant


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