FO Friday: Hats

This week I can share two FO’s with you! Remember that Dreadhead Hat I showed you last week? Well it’s done, and doesn’t look anything like I showed you. I ended up frogging what I had knit so far of the original beanie and making it bigger. In the process I decided to change which yarn I started the project with.

lighting in tattoo parlors is not ideal, but the hat fits!

As per request, there is an elastic band in the brim of the beanie in an attempt to secure the hat to the dreadhead even with the weight of his three-foot dreads bundled up inside. I’m still awaiting the final critique to see if I’ve accomplished this task, but regardless it’ll be a warm beanie for the coming winter.

much less full without dreads in it

I also have a simple beanie to share with you that I’ll be putting in the shop but don’t have adequate pictures of yet.  Just a basic beanie with a k4 p1 pattern in some super soft yarns in a more manly color pallet for the gents among us, or really anyone who prefers the grey/green colors over something more vibrant.

Skip on over to Tami’s blog to see more FOs and share your own!

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