WIP: What Doesn’t This Hat Have?

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  I’ve been knitting like a fiend every chance I get to try to crank out orders and work on Christmas knitting and knit a bit more stock for my upcoming show, it’s crazy!

Today I’m sharing with you a hat that was ordered by a friend of mine.  He wanted it to be slouchy, with a pompom, colorful, unique and have earflaps.  What else could you put on a hat?

Definitely a One-Of-A-Kind

I finished up the knitting portion of the hat on Monday evening but as it is not 100% complete I thought it fair to share with you what I have 🙂

To read more WIPs and share your own, check out Tami’s blog!


A Wee Jedi


My nephew and family celebrated the first year after his birth just a few weeks ago and as you all know, in the knitting world, new babes can


not go unspoiled when it comes to knitwear and such a celebration was definitely a worthy cause.


As his parents (and much of the rest of the family) are of the nerd variety, I thought that this hat would be perfect for him:

A Wee Jedi

This was gifted to him along with his Christmas stocking I shared with you and I hope that they both see much love and use in the future.


I really really quite enjoyed reading all of the comments from last week’s giveaway post– definitely learned some new things to make my patterns better and more enjoyable to knit from!

Over-Under Fingerless Mitts

By random number generator, the winner for this giveaway is Sandra!  Sandra, I’ll be in touch with you shortly and I think everyone else should check out her blog

Ninja Beanie

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you end up doing, I plan on cranking out a lot of custom orders and some Christmas knitting and hopefully some knitting for my upcoming show!  I have a four-day weekend because of the US Thanksgiving holiday and boy am I glad.

thanks again to everyone who entered and to everyone who’s ever bought a pattern from me, I sincerely strive to make this passion my full-time job and every pattern sale gets me one step closer!

WIP Thursday

I know I (and many other people) usually do these on Wednesdays, but because I started my giveaway yesterday I decided to share some of my current works with you a day late.

Soft and Warm

I received some orders recently for a young family welcoming their first child into the world.  A blanket, newborn and 6ish month old hats were requested along with hats for both parents.

And Machine Washable!

As they’re having a girl, I’ve chosen a more feminine palette of yarns that are both soft and machine washable – definitely a necessity for baby items.

What are you currently working on?