WIP Wednesday: Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  I’ve got quite a few projects on needles right now, courtesy of the changing weather, coming holidays and personal desires 🙂

This past weekend I started knitting my nephew’s Christmas stocking.  I told my brother last year that I claimed a monopoly on his stocking and this year he’ll get his very own hopefully-heirloom-to-be.  My Great Aunt handmade all of the stockings in my family and I wanted to be sure to continue the tradition.

Red and Green and White

It’s a pretty quick knit and picking out the new motifs is fun every time I come to one 🙂  I’m not following a pattern but just picking motifs from here and there that I like and putting them into the basic stocking shape.

I’m knitting it out of Plymouth Encore Worsted so that, if necessary, the stocking can be washed and will hopefully be more durable and moth-resistant.

Does your family have any traditions or heirlooms?

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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

  1. What a wonderful tradition to continue for your family. I love how it is looking so far. Every year since my son was born, I have made him an ornament. That way, he will have them when he gets older to decorate his own tree.

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