Flavor of the Season

When you think of fall what is your favorite flavor?

Pumpkin?  Mine too!  How convenient.

the colors of fall

This weekend I spent Saturday preparing for a season of pumpkin-y goodness by baking a pumpkin, pureeing the insides, seasoning appropriately and baking two loaves of pumpkin bread while freezing the rest so that pies and breads and muffins and cupcakes can be in my future.

please excuse the crappy dark-house photo and just look at that deliciousness

I followed the same-ish recipe I’ve used in years past which can be found on my old blog.

I also roasted the seeds and lets just say that pumpkins are not adequately seed-filled to feed my roomie much less the two of us.  So, note to pumpkins: pack on the seeds my friends.

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