Another Dread Head

The same person who requested the dread hat large enough to fit his head but snug enough to not fall off with their weight also wanted a standard fitting beanie with a hole in the back for the dreads to come through.  Poor guy hadn’t been able to wear a normal beanie since he got dreads years ago, how sad right?

People may not know that the dreads are real with a beanie like that!

Naturally I told him that I could make him just what he wanted and when I dropped it off to him this past weekend it took no more than a few minutes’ wear before he immediately requested another in black, charcoal and brown.

that's a happy (and only slightly blurry) customer!

Both will be joining the dreadhead while he travels during the holidays and other custom orders are in queue!  If you know someone who is looking far and wide for beanies specifically made for those with dreads, you know where to find them 😉  Perhaps I’ll write up a pattern so that you can create your own…any interest?


One thought on “Another Dread Head

  1. I would love a pattern– not very good at winging it! For the past three Christmases, my dread-wearing friend has gotten an oversized slouchy hat to tuck them into — this would be perfect!

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