100 Ravelry Sales!

Just last week I hit a major milestone.  I sold my 100th pattern on Ravelry!

In the spirit of celebrating patterns, I’m going to giveaway a pattern of the winner’s choice.

To be entered, just leave a comment on this post telling me something you really enjoy about some patterns or something you would fix (doesn’t have to be my patterns, any pattern advice will do!)

The giveaway will end next Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at midnight and the winner will be chosen on Wednesday and announced here!

12 thoughts on “100 Ravelry Sales!

  1. Congratulations on hitting such a big milestone! I dream of hitting that magic number one day in the distant future LOL. One pattern I really enjoyed knitting recently was the Radiance Shawl pattern. It had the pattern laid out three different ways. Line by line, chart and a checklist. You could knit it purely from the checklist if you were happy with charts etc to quickly refer to, or if you have a good memory for learning repeats. It also specified what percentage of the pattern you had completed, which I loved.

    1. I love this post! I am going to check out the shawl you mentioned. Love the check list idea and letting you know where you are – I usually use post it notes for my checklist.


  2. Congratulations on the 100th Ravelry sale!

    One thing I appreciate in pattens and try to strive for myself is clear, detailed charts and instructions. Nice pictures are a plus too.

  3. I really prefer patterns that have charted as well as written out instructions. Sometimes I need both to get a clear picture! And congrats on the 100th pattern!

  4. Congratulations on your pattern sales! You give my the courage to get a pattern up there and just begin!
    I love clear pictures, and clear directions (I know that sounds silly but I want to know each step of the way what to do, and if there is an aberration coming up, I want warning!)
    I am making 2 projects right now and they are a perfect example: one is SO clear and the other is SO not.

    Clear as day pattern: Ruby Submarine’s Kitefish Shawlette. Even her abbreviations list is extensive and clear – I love this designer!

    Love this pattern also but NOT so clear: Crocus Shawlette by Rosy Posy Designs (Rose Beck) I love this pattern but have needed expert help (lots of it) from my LYS – it is just not clear enough for an intermediate knitter! Don;t get me wrong, I love this designer’s work, but her patterns need to be 10% better written!

    I want to be able to knit above my level of expertise, how else will I get better?

    Thanks for the inspiration, I will look up your patterns on Ravelry!


  5. I love patterns that make it clear what they are asking you do to, so if it says for example, do x, repeat 2 times, I love it if they specify if it’s 2 more times or 2 times in total. I do get quite confused about that sometimes!

  6. 100? That is truly wonderful — congratulations. I’m very visual and literal (interesting, right?) so my favorite patterns include more than one photograph of the design and clearly written instructions. I’m not very demanding but I do appreciate patterns that help the knitter understand how the piece is constructed. Thanks for this giveaway!

  7. Congratulations on the milestone! And very pretty they are – not sure why the Over-Under fingerless mitts aren’t more popular, that would be my pattern of choice.

    Like others above, I like clear patterns. If a has charts (and I prefer charts), it should use standard symbols, and standard abbreviations if it has written instructions. With a written pattern some formatting is a good idea, especially if the rows are long a written pattern can otherwise become a wall of text.

  8. Congratulations. I checked out your designs and they are beautiful!

    I like patterns that have a lot of pictures of the FO from all different angles and up close.

  9. Congrats on this milestone of 100 sales!
    I get miffed when a pattern for say a cardigan, gives directions for one side, and then when it comes to the other side says “reversing the shaping”. Oh, please just tell me what to knit without making my head hurt! As this takes me ages to work out sometimes. It might be apparent to the designer, or to some very experienced folk, but I just want to have a pattern I can follow.

  10. Wow! That is a lot of patterns. Congrats!

    What I like is when the pattern author shows the same FO in various yarns and weights…I feel sometimes people try too hard to use the same yarn as the designer and they don’t realize how much potential a pattern has.

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