FO Friday: Dad’s Sweater

After agonizing for months about this sweater, finishing it with two days to spare and then playing the waiting game to see if it actually fit, I finally have a verdict for you all.

Although it wasn’t the first present opened, it was worn by the recipient right away and you know what?  Even though I only had a measurement taken by my mom of one of his other sweaters to go off of (I don’t live nearby anymore, I hardly ever see them) the sweater fit better than I had even anticipated!

Getting him to stand still isn't the easiest of feats...

My younger brother commented that it looked “like something you’d find at the GAP” and my Dad seemed thoroughly impressed – it was his very first hand knit sweater and it was from his daughter.

Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled.  The yarn is soft, the garment is machine washable and the man seems pleased with his gift.  This may have been my Project of the Year for 2011 – it took me months (I did take my sweet time with it and worked on it between other projects), it absolutely *had* to fit or I may have broken down in alligator tears, and it had a lot of sentimental value to me if not to the recipient (although I have a hunch that it does for him too).

Both boys wearing hats that Mom knit and Mom and Dad wearing sweaters that I knit

Most of the details can be found on the Ravelry page but here are the basics:

Pattern: Beagle by Norah Gaughan

Yarn: Berroco Vintage in Charcoal (8 skeins used)

Size: 46 (and in-between size I had to fandangle based on the measurement my momma got me – based on the fit, I’m so glad I spent all the time re-working the numbers)

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Holiday Touches

I just wanted to share some of the Holiday Touches that can be found around my parent’s home during this time of year.

All Lined Up

We joke that we don’t have any traditions but the warm, cozy feelings associated with being around the people you love and who love you are a yearly constant and they’re enough for me 🙂

The Pups Get Dolled Up Too
Candle-y Canes

Musical Monday: Chelsea Dagger

I hope that regardless of which holiday you choose to celebrate you all had a relaxing, fun and happy weekend.  I had some wonderful times, ate far too much and got some knitting done (new design to come!).  Now, I know that today’s song isn’t particularly holiday-themed, but it’s fun and energetic – perfect for getting my your butt off the couch and your hands out of the cookie jar!

Cheslea Dagger by The Fratellis

FO Friday: Babies Need To Be Kept Warm

I actually finished this project last week but didn’t get photos in time for the FO Friday, so you’re seeing it this week!  The friend of a friend welcomed a baby into the family recently and a blanket was in order. 

pink v pink

I knit up this cute square one using Plymouth Encore in two colors switching them up at random intervals and doing an inch and a bit of garter endging before the bind off.  After blocking, the drape of the blanket was much drapier and the softness much softer.

I may have had a slight moment of panic whence "this is a baby girl right?" was asked in my direction. It was.

Bonus?  The yarn is machine washable.  Because its for a baby.  You gotta do that.

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WIP Wednesday: Still Truckin’

Happy Wednesday!  Remember that sweaterI’ve been working on in between projects for ages?  It’s still coming along, I promise. 


I know that the big day is only…what….3 or 4 days away and this thing is not done yet. BUT.  It will be.  I promise.  I’ve only got most of the last sleeve to do, then sew it all together.  And add a neckband.  And maybe block it.  It can be done, right?  It will be done. 

Sorry for the dark photos, morning's here haven't lit up yet!

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A Ride on the Polar Express

I told you I had some fun this past weekend didn’t I? 

Sunday I drove down to Canyon City with the family of my gentleman friend and rode the Royal Gorge train all the way up the North Pole ::cough:: and met The Real Santa Clause ::cough::

Our Ride to the North Pole

The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves, the drive was a bit long for them but hot cocoa, cookies and carol-singing perked them back up in no time.  They wrote out their lists and after we picked up Santa from his workshop, he made his way through the train and stopped to speak with each and every child, listening to their wants, taking their lists so that he’d remember what they wanted and handed them a real sleigh bell ornament in exchange. 

Ah, so *this* is what the North Pole Workshop Looks Like

Musical Monday:

Welcome back to another week!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did and I promise to share more about it later this week.  for now, I figured it’s about time to get into the holiday spirit (it really doesn’t feel like Christmas is less than a week away to me) and so I’m sharing a song from my all-time favorite Christmas movie!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Burl Ives

What do you do to get into the spirit this time of year?

Denver HaHo Round Up

I promised you pictures and a round up this week from the show I participated in last Saturday and today’s the day! 

For weeks prior to the show much of my knitting efforts had been focused on producing enough stuff to make my table full and let me tell you, it was full.  I am lucky enough to have a woodworker as a friend (and he has other new skills, didn’t I tell you?) and he very very kindly made the majority of the fixtures you see on my table.

the whole table before the show started

He made me a ball bouquet that supported my hats, he made me a scarf rack and he even made a little tree so that I could hang ornaments from it.  Generous, no? 

tree, ornaments and hats!

Without those fixtures, my table would have been quite flat.  I really like all the height I got, I think it brings the pieces to life a bit more.

blossoming ball bouquet

Overall, the show was awesome.  We got there early to set up, didn’t end up needing all the time but I was glad that we weren’t rushing at the end.  Talking with the organizers after the show, they saw more people show up in the first hour than they’re used to showing up the entire time!  Needless to say, at times the venue was packed.  Traffic was stop and go in front of our booth which can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a shopper.

scarf rack, patterns, cards, buttons and sign-in notebook

I made some awesome connections that I hope lead to future opportunities, sold some pieces and am really looking forward to taking part in more shows!

WIP Wednesday: Whipping Out Some Christmas Orders

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  The project I was planning on showing you today actually got bound off last night and is now blocking, but have no fear!  I cast on for a new project this morning and although still in its infantile phase, this little guy is going to grow up quickly.

Just a wee little guy

I’m crunching out a quick pair of fingerless mitts for a custom Christmas order, not following a pattern just using some basic knowledge that I’ve got stowed away in my head from years of knitting these things.  I’m knitting it out of Adrienne Vittadini Natashausing size 9 needles.

wool, alpaca, mohair - what's not to love love love about this yarn?

What works are you making progress on this Wednesday?  Check out Tami’s blog for more reading and to share yours!

Musical Monday: Revolution

Happy Monday everyone!

I participated in two different art shows in the Denver area this weekend I know you’re all curious to see how it turned out (at least, I’m excited to show you and in my head that means you’re curious) and I promise photos and a write up this week, but for today I’m sharing Gisli with you.  Enjoy!

Revolution by Gisli