WIP Wednesday: Whipping Out Some Christmas Orders

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  The project I was planning on showing you today actually got bound off last night and is now blocking, but have no fear!  I cast on for a new project this morning and although still in its infantile phase, this little guy is going to grow up quickly.

Just a wee little guy

I’m crunching out a quick pair of fingerless mitts for a custom Christmas order, not following a pattern just using some basic knowledge that I’ve got stowed away in my head from years of knitting these things.  I’m knitting it out of Adrienne Vittadini Natashausing size 9 needles.

wool, alpaca, mohair - what's not to love love love about this yarn?

What works are you making progress on this Wednesday?  Check out Tami’s blog for more reading and to share yours!

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Whipping Out Some Christmas Orders

  1. Fingerless gloves are such a fun thing to make sans pattern, I’ve made a few pairs for myself that way. And I love that yarn you’re using, the colour is so delicate and it looks amazingly fuzz-tastic.

  2. Don’t you hate it when your WIPs disappear before you get a chance to show them off? Lucky for you FO Friday is just around the corner. Also, you’re right. There’s NOTHING about that yarn that isn’t lovable!

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