I don’t know if I made you all aware, but at the beginning of the year I decided to start my own Newsletter!  I think this will be a great way to wrap up every month and announce special things to a broader audience.

you can't say no to the Puppy Lisa Face

You’re more than welcome to join my mailing list if you want to 🙂  There’s a little widget right over on the right hand side of my blog (scroll down past the patterns) to put your email address into and I swear not to share it with anyone else ever ever ever never.  The next letter goes out at the Beginning of February!


Musical Monday: Drive By

Happy Monday!  Isn’t nice waking up after a short weekend and not absolutely regretting going to work before you get there?  Big change for me from my former job.  Anyways, I’m a Train fan and when I first heard their new single on the radio on the way to said new job, I fell in love and I hope you do too!

Drive By by Train

FO Friday: Orange Hooded Scarf

I shared this as a WIP a week or so ago and it’s here today as an FO!  This scarf was a custom request and I really like how it turned out, and The Gentleman didn’t even do a bad job taking pictures of it 🙂

Trust me, it was colder than this picture would lead you to believe
doesn't that look cozy?

This hooded scarf was knit out of a variety of materials in colors ranging in the oranges and browns with a few creamy endeavors.  Now, it’ is on it’s way to Joshua Tree to keep the recipient warm and colorful.

long enough to wrap a few times

To share your FO and read more, check out Tami’s blog!


Remember that small life I saved at work last week?

if he keeps hanging around, i should probably leave some food and water out...

S/he’s returned and has graced my desk with his/her presence, a good omen no?  Just seeing this little guy post-saving makes me all the more happy that I was able to see his plight and save his wee life 🙂

What brings you small doses of happiness?

Saved a Life

Yesterday at work I was talking with a coworker and noticed this little guy upside down on the window sill furiously trying to right himself.  I lent a hand (well, finger really) to help him up and he was so exhausted and dusty he just kind of chilled there for a little while before I had to put him on my desk so that I could get back to work using both hands.

Ladybug, dusty and exhausted

Shortly after that, he disappeared and my good deed for the day was all but a memory and shoddy phone photo for proof.

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?