WIP Wednesday: Swimming in Lace

Welcome to the first WIP Wednesday of 2012! Yesterday was the first new design published of 2012 and Monday was the first Musical Monday post and I hope to share many more of all of these 🙂

Right now I’ve got quite a few WIPs which is slightly unlike me.  If I get too many things going at once I don’t know what to work on and so I end up working on nothing.  Weird right?  I know, so I try to keep my WIP count down.  One of my current projects is the lace shawl design that I’m collaborating with Bittersweet Wooleryon.

don't you just wanna dive in?

The yarn is Star Dust, a merino/silk/metallic blend and not only is it absolutely gorgeous to work with and rub on your face, its actually a dream to knit with too!  I’m not dropping stitches, the yarn isn’t splitting and its not shedding anywhere.  All wins for me.

I’m also working on some custom orders currently that I hope to photograph soon – a charcoal Ninja Beanie and an orange-ish hooded scarf.  I’ve got more designs in the pipeline but this is what’s happening this week.

What are you up to?  Share your stories on Tami’s blog!



4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Swimming in Lace

  1. That is a beautiful turquoise! I found your blog through tami’s site – your knitting is so brilliant and your dad’s jumper? I want one!!!!

  2. Love the color! And I’m imagining rubbing it on my cheeks right now. Isn’t it great when the yarn cooperates? Can’t wait to see what it becomes!

  3. Oh, hey now! It’s so exciting to see it starting to take shape, and I’m so pleased you like the yarn. It’ll be cool to see what our plans end up looking like in real life.

    I’m with you, I don’t do more than two or three WIPs or I won’t get anything done. It works for me.

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