Quiet Thursday

I didn’t have a post written up for today, I’ve been pretty busy trying to replace the job I was laid off from as I left to visit my family for Christmas and today I was successful.  As a result, I start tomorrow and I hope this one doesn’t go the way of the others leaving me in the unemployed wake.

so much to do, and its not even overwhelming

To finish off my day, I plan on cleaning and organize my space quite a bit.  I want to start the new year and new job off fresh.  This includes some knitting of course as I’ve still got orders and really, who in their right mind thinks I’m going to give up my precious knitting time?

What are you up to this beautiful Thursday?


2 thoughts on “Quiet Thursday

  1. Well, I should also be cleaning…instead, I finally wrote a blog post and now I’m going to knit. Cleaning can wait.

    Hope your new job goes well!

  2. Good luck with the new job. Thankfully, the cleaning is done. Just need to sit in front of the computer actually getting stuff done. This might be hard.

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