WIP Wednesday: In My ‘Hood

Happy Wednesday!  This week I’m sharing a project that’s been on needles for longer than it should have been but between getting a new day job and what not, it’s been my relaxing knitting and I don’t have as much time to relax.

comin' along

I’m making a scrappy orange version of a hooded scarf similar to the one I shared with you last week.  I really like this style of knitting, random and fun, using up lots of odds and ends of yarn and coming up with something 100% totally unique, cool, fun and one of a kind.

cozy colors, cozy fibers

What are you working on this week?  Share yours and read more on Tami’s blog!

*P.S. Are any of you having problems looking at yesterday’s post? I’ve gotten reports of a few people not being able to see the awesome picture but when I pull up my blog it works just fine…

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