WIP Wednesday: Diamonds

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m sad to say that with so many current WIPs I don’t have a lot to show on any single project, but I have been working on a lot of different pieces and designs, promise!

cool blues

Today I’m sharing some progress on that lace design I’m working on with Bittersweet’s yarn and I still love working with this!  I love semi-solid yarns and this one has depth and interest and just a bit of shine to really make the colorway (Merfolk) really pop with the ocean-y blues and greens.

azure diamonds

I’m farther on this now than I was when I took the photo (you gotta use the light when you have it and I only seem to have it on weekends since it’s still dark by the time I get home from work) but I wanted to show you the next lace panel.  I’m now working on the Big One and hope to have it complete sooner rather than later.

What are you working on?  Share your projects on Tami’s blog!


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