Georgetown, CO

This past weekend my dog, The Gentleman and I took a little day trip to a small mountain town I’ve driven past but never stopped in.  From the highway, Georgetown looks like the quintessential mountain town and from the main street, it’s no different.  The store fronts are cute with a colorfully aged look to them, antiques and collectibles in the windows and friendly faces behind the counters.

Naturally, we sought out a yarn store but were told in one of the antique shops that this little town had none and we were sad.  Braving the icy winds we walked the main street, looking in shop windows and down side roads to see what all there was to see, and wouldn’t you know it, there was indeed a yarn store down one of them!

Lonesome Stone Yarn from Granby, CO - click the photo to go to the webpage

The Quilted Purlis an inviting little shop with both quilting supplies and knitting paraphernalia.  Ruth, the owner, is such a charming woman and The Gentleman and I stayed for a long while chatting with her and fondling the yarns throughout the shop.  We talked knitting, yarn, Colorado, designs and life.

Ruth in her natural habitat

I highly recommend stopping in this little town and finding the yarn shop, you won’t be disappointed – tell her Holly the SillyLittleLady sent you 😉

knitting and quiting paraphernalia

After departing The Quilted Purl, the three of us made our way to a frozen lake that was on the way out of town and took a little walk out to the middle of it.  There were ice-fishers drilling holes in the 2 foot deep ice,

the catch of the day

And cars with spiked tires racing on the other end complete with all of their campers, trailers and trucks all parked on the lake as well. Craziest thing I’ve seen in a while, how did I now know about this sport?

those are some massive spikes

Have you gone on any adventures lately?

5 thoughts on “Georgetown, CO

  1. It looks like a lovely shop. I love going on adventures, but as I have to rely on other people to drive me, so it doesn’t happen very often. I live my adventures vicariously over the Internet!

  2. I love adventures to knitting shops! And I love even more a man who will go with 🙂

    I have some future adventures lined up: Portland and Japan (for work again). I’m bringing yarn, of course, to both.

    Also, here’s a thought for future adventure: Rhinebeck. This might be the year for me to go! Can I expect to see sillylittlelady there?

  3. Wonderful yarn and shop write up. Thanks.
    One of my favorite things to do while traveling is find the local yarn shop and pick up my kind of souvenir. This looks like a great place to stop next time we’re by that way.

    Will she be carrying your patterns in her shop?

    1. Chris, We talked about her carrying my patterns, so that’s definitely a possibility! I’ll make an announcement when it comes to fruition 🙂 I hope your year is starting off well!

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