FO Friday: A Helmet Fit For A Viking

Remember that WIP that I shared was of warrior proportions?  Well it was finally completed early this week and given to the recipient and I can unveil it in all of its glory!

perfect for both men and women!

The viking helmet was a custom order from a friend and although he really did have to wait fartoo long to actually receive it, now that all the kinks are worked out its totally worth it.  I think I’ll offer them on a Made To Order basis through my Etsy shop and possibly write up a pattern for them if anyone is interested in knitting their own (hinthint)!

the deeper the thought the deeper the beard necessary to stroke during it right?

I am quite proud of this beanie although I do see all the mistakes (as the creator, I feel that this is normal and impossible to bypass, I’m learning to live with it).

Conquer all things easily

Ravelled Here.

the happy recipient

What have you been working on?  To share yours and read more FOs, visit Tami’s blog!

8 thoughts on “FO Friday: A Helmet Fit For A Viking

  1. !! That is so flippin’ amazing, I can’t even describe the joy I feel looking upon this wonderful creation! Seriously, one of the coolest things I’ve seen. I want to touch the beard so badly….

  2. Oh. My. God. This hat. The sheer voluminousness of the beard is like, awe-inspiring, not to mention the giant horns and fantastic metalwork-texture-bobbles. I want to just stare at the photos of this thing all day. You are kind of a genius.

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