SillyLittleLady Patterns Now Available to LYS’s via Ravelry!

Thanks to Ravelry’s new program, designers and LYS’s can connect virtually!  I’m happy to have joined the ranks of pattern sellers who allow participating yarn stores to purchase my patterns from Ravelry to sell in their shops 🙂

The Green T Top - Click for Ravelry Page

Knitters:  Have you ever gone to a yarn store and used their computers to order a pattern?  If you have, how did you like it?  If you haven’t, why not?  Is it something you’d try?

Twisted Beanie - Click for Ravelry Page

Designers:  Are you involved in this program?  All opinions, thoughts, advice, comments welcome 🙂

One thought on “SillyLittleLady Patterns Now Available to LYS’s via Ravelry!

  1. Hello there! I met you at craft night on Tuesday(I’m the girl that freaked out when my fingernail snagged in your beautiful shawl).

    If yarn shops had access to Ravelry, I’d be ALL over that. If I’m just browsing for yarn, I’d love to see recommended patterns for that yarn and know how much of it I needed, etc. I often find myself less likely to make a purchase in a store if I don’t know what I would make the yarn into, so I think it would benefit the LYS businesses.

    Also, your blog is lovely.

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