WIP Wednesday: Commissioned Capelet

I don’t know how many of you know this, but on top of designing knitwear and selling the patterns, I also sell finished knitted items online, at shows and as custom orders.  My WIP this week is one of those: a commissioned capelet.  After talking with the customer, what she really wanted was a cropped jacket in the style of a capelet, but with distinct sleeves.

It’s just about done and I can’t be happier – not with the finished product per se but just with the fact that this will be done.

chunky charcoal

It was supposed to be a quick and simple project and although it was simple, it wasn’t quick.  I tore out about half of the capelet and am re-knitting much of it because I wasn’t pleased with the result.  Sigh.  that’s what knitting does sometimes right?

ooh movement

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Commissioned Capelet

  1. Ugh, multiple-frogging projects. It’s always so nice to have one of those done, so I hope this one will be off the needles and much-loved in its recipient’s hands by Friday. And then you can take a deep breath and move on to something else. 🙂

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