FO Friday: A Little Vest for a Growing Kid

I’m back!  We finally got the internet at our new house and I promise to share little tidbits of how we’re prettying up the place.  Today, however, I’m sharing a recent project:

gettin' all growed up

A vest for my nephew.  This vest was a collaboration between my mother and I, she knit the body and I picked up the sleeve bands and neck bands.

excuuuuuse the dog hair

It’s amazing how quick that little bugger is growing and I hope to be able to visit soon and see his handsome face!  And those of his parents and my family too 🙂

To share your FO and read more, check out Tami’s blog!  I promise to be back Monday with music and the rest of the week with updates.

Radio Static

I apologize for the unintended radio silence around these parts!  I unexpectedly moved on Thursday instead of over the weekend and I don’t have interwebs at my new abode just yet.  I should be getting it tonight and I promise updates and photos as soon as I do!

Crafty People’s Fair Round Up

Friday night saw me doing a lot of this:

multi-tasking like a champ
  • label sewing
  • end weaving
  • last minute project starting
  • price tagging
  • music listening
  • wine drinking

Saturday saw this:

set-up was easy

And a table top mirror made by Trevor of Marrs Woodworking (he made all of my fixtures actually and I love them):

very unique piece

I think from now on I’ll stick to winter shows, even though spring isn’t entirely here in the Denver area, it’s been a warm week and hats, scarves and gloves weren’t the top choice for buyers.

FO Friday: Quite Stylish You Are

I have a quick little post for you this morning, another FO to share!

Remember I mentioned that I was making an adult version of the Yoda hat I’d made for my nephew?  It’s been completed and given to the customer and I quite like how it turned out:

Consulting the Force Before Heading to Work

Not to mention it was fun to model:

Getting Ready to Knock Out the Day

To read more and share your own FOs, visit Tami’s blog!

Crafty People’s Fair

If you’re in the Denver area this weekend I’d love to meet you! There will be lots of prizes to be given away, I’ll have new works in my booth and all of my patterns to browse 🙂

Crafty People's Fair

I’ll be in booth 12 with Skin Poetry Photography 🙂

Another Fun Weekend

I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was a bit of local fun entertaining a friend from out of town.  We hit up all of the local touristy spots including kite-mania:

all kinds of things that fly

street performer heaven:

pretty music from unusual instruments

little Europe:

super cute little shop


who else loves the smell of books?

and of course we topped it off with a beer:

Annapurna Amber from Southern Sun Brewery in Boulder, CO

What was your weekend like?

WIP Wednesday: Show Prep

I know I haven’t had many pictures to show you lately, but I promise I am knitting!  I’m participating in a show in two weeks, the weekend of St. Patty’s and I’ve been knitting up a storm to get enough product for the booth!

a plethora of AFOs - almost finished objects

In addition to all of those hats, scarves, mitts, I’ve also received another custom order for an adult sized yoda hat similar to the one I made for my nephew:

the wee yoda

And so that is in the works as well:

Even jedis are a WIP at the beginning

What are you working on this week?  Share in the comments and skip over to Tami’s blog to join the fun!