New Ink

This past Sunday I got some new ink on my left wrist:

So appropriate

While not entirely an ambigram, I really like the idea of a mirror image of these two since that’s exactly what they are of each other.

Can you read it?

Do you have any tattoos?  Will you get any or more?


2 thoughts on “New Ink

  1. I love your tattoo! I’ve been thinking about getting a knitting-related one, but I haven’t been able to settle on a design idea yet.

  2. oHHH I love this Tat,,, where did you come up with this idea? I love it so much may I ask for permission to get something simaliar to it??? I know Tat’s should be original and all mine have there own lil meanings but yours is so free and buetiful, I just have to have and I dont copy others Tat’s lol… But this is an AWESOME one truley perfect.. ty

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