Musical Monday: Petals of Spain

And back to our regularly scheduled program!  Knitting and Crochet Blog Week was a lot of fun to participate in and definitely gave me mojo to write more, which I do love it’s just the age-old problem of finding the time. This week I’m sharing a local band that I was able to go see on Saturday:

Lady Luck by Petals of Spain

Crafting Balance

Welcome to Day 7!  Today we’re talking about crafting balance.  Now, primarily I am a knitter.  I know a few things about crochet, I use it for embellishments, etc but really, I knit.

I balance this massive part of my life with other creative and productive outlets – I thoroughly enjoy cooking, music, reading and writing.  All of these other “crafts” have a lot of the same aspects to them as knitting – creative expression, productivity, post-apocalyptic skills, all that important stuff.

Improving Your Skillset

Welcome to Day 6!  This prompt is another tricky one – on the one hand, I feel fully capable of learning anything I fancy, I know the basics, I know the way to figure things out for myself.  What I’m trying to learn now, as a designer especially, is how to communicate that to my readers/customers/fellow knitters.

the process

I like to teach, I think teaching is actually a really fun thing to do.  I really enjoy watching how other people learn and understand and deciphering the best way to communicate, teach and learn is highly interesting to me.

I’d say, as far as improving my skillset, I’d love to learn how to teach better and how to more effectively write my patterns within the next year – next Knitting and Crochet Blog Week we’ll see how well I did!

Crafter for All Seasons

Welcome to Day 4!  Today’s theme is a Crafter for All Seasons.

I, like most knitters, prefer to knit for colder weather months.  I love having a handmade layer to throw on over my tees and a hat to plop on my head that I know no one else has.  I find that during the spring and summer months I am still knitting for winter but I use these months to knit pieces that might take a longer period of time to complete (sweaters, blankets, lace, etc) and during the actual cold months I like to whip out quick warm pieces to be worn more immediately.

My Knitting Heroes

Welcome to Day 3 of the 2012 Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!  Today’s theme is surrounded around our craft heroes.  I’ve got a few, obviously my momma is one of my heroes, without her I would never be where I am today.  She taught my the basics of knitting and without her I’d be a muggle.

My other heroes include a few knitters who’s blogs I follow daily, Freshy and Andi.

Freshy is not only hysterical, she’s a trooper with her knitting who loves untangling yarn, will take the extra effort to frog knitting if its not working perfectly and always takes pretty pictures to share her way.  I’m hoping to meet her this fall at Rhinebeck *winkwinknudgenudge Freshy*

Andi is a budding knitwear designer who makes the cutest, most functional sweaters and also takes pictures of her process (and her pup).

I recommend you check out both of their blogs, tell them SillyLittleLady sent you!