Evolution or Cycle?

How many WIPs at once is a topic that invites endless discussion from knitters and fiber artists all the time.  Today, it’s my turn.

I don’t know what my life would be like without these guys

I’ve always been one of those knitters who’s got two or three, max of about five or seven (around the holidays) projects going on at once but lately (late·ly/ˈlātlē/ – (adverb) the past three or four projects’ worth of time) I’ve only had one on the needles.  This isn’t to say I’ve been working on a single project for the past three or four projects’ worth of time, just that the past three or four projects have been the only one’s on the needles at the time they are being knit.

This final project is coming to soon to a blog near you! (Hint: this one)

I almost think it might be healthier for me at this point to have more than one project going at a time but can’t seem to bring myself to cast on for anything new even when forcedinspired.

squooshy, smooshy and delicious

I’m not sure if this is an evolution in my knitting and I’ll continue to be this way for the forseeable future or if this is just a cycle coinciding with so many exciting, spectacular, behind-the-scenes awesome things in my knitting world.

this is the current lonely WIP

What side of the debate are you on?

I’m going to go try to cast on something new *right* now – wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Evolution or Cycle?

  1. haha good luck. I am on a strict no-new-wips diet. I have about 20. I just start random things and then get bored. Really looking forward to knocking some of them off!!

  2. This applies to other creative endeavors, too. When I’m working on a painting, I’ll generally work on one at a time. Sometimes that’s not feasible, like when it’s a big painting that takes two or three months to do, but generally, I’m a one-at-a-time kinda guy. When I’m doing printmaking, it’s the same thing. The reason (if there is a reason) is that way I can focus on one thing and really develop the idea. When I’m bouncing from one thing to another, I get ’em confused. Not a good thing for this painter!

  3. Hmm…this is a tough one. Sometimes I’m all kinds of scatterbrained and have a million (or what seems like) projects to be worked at the same time. And times like right now…I have, well….none. What?!?! How did that happen?

    I hope it’s a cyclical thing. Because even though there is a madness to multiple WIP’s there’s also some zen in it too, I think. And honestly, I need to get my needles clicking with something fun….

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