Travels – Again

This time, however, I’m giving you a heads up!  I’ll be heading out of my normal town on Sunday to spend some time with family and then some time with friends for the week, I’m going to do my darndest to post some but if I  do not, I apologize beforehand and I promise to return with news and pictures and knitting 🙂

into the mountains

What are your weekend plans?  Plans for the 4th?


The Upcoming Show Season

Summer is full-on up here in Denver which only means that the Fall and Winter show season is swiftly approaching.

table set up from last season

This year I resolve to:

  • have more products in my booths than last year, including at least 1 Viking Helmet
  • not get my feelings hurt at customers I overhear complaining about prices – they just don’t understand and wouldn’t appreciate the work
  • participate in at least 4 different shows
  • start making said products at least 2 months in advance of first show (that means start…!)

    another table set up from last season

What’s your favorite part about show season?  I love doing my gift shopping at shows, I know that my family won’t receive anything like what I give them!

WIP Wednesday: Crafty Park Time

With the weather as hot as it’s been lately, I’ve got a tendency to stay indoors and do my knitting.  The other night I went out with some friends to a huge park where it’s typically about 10 degrees cooler than surrounding areas and we laid down a blanket to enjoy our craftacular park times.

purpley/browny/mauvey love

The yarn you see is Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool and I love the resulting fabric.  I can’t wait to share the final piece with you when it’s finally done!

bag o’ funsies

If you want to read more WIPs and share your own, check out Tami’s blog!

(and don’t forget about my little 5 question survey!)

Quick Little Survey

Hey there readers, I was wondering if ya’ll would be so kind as to answer a few questions for me please?  The purpose of the survey is to get an idea of where people are coming from and where they’d be more interested in participating in a contest or giveaway.  I’ve got quite a few fun things that I want to share with the world, books and yarns and gifties that I want to send out into the world and I want to make sure that everyone gets an equal chance to be gifted to!
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Thank you so much for your participation!

Musical Monday: Wilco

Happy Monday!  I’m starting off this new week with a song from a band I saw at the Red Rocks Amphitheater on Friday evening (if someone could explain the topless mustachioed man with the cowbell during the second encore, that’d be awesome).

Both my text tone and my ring tone on my cell phone are Wilco songs as well 🙂

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart by Wilco

Help Victims of the High Park Fire

The High Park Fire is a massive forest fire currently burning down the Rocky Mountains just west of Fort Collins, CO.  It’s burned down almost 60,000 acres in only 10 days – wilderness, homes and a life have been lost with more to come.

not my favorite part of summer – taken this past weekend on a trip to Ft. Collins

In my inbox just the other day Bijou Basin Ranch put out the call to help the victims – “a minimum of 10% of all online sales of our Bijou Spun yarns & fibers will be set aside and donated to the Red Cross’ relief efforts and the Colorado Professional Firefighters” through the rest of the summer.

the red sun, blocked out by the smoke

After having lived in New Mexico for so long and been through the Cerro Grande Fire, I have a soft spot for fire victims.  Please help in any way you can, this fire is only 45% contained right now.

Bits O’ Summer

It’s been hot around these parts lately.  So hot that almost nothing can be done – when one goes to sleep in 86 degree weather and wakes up in 93 degree weather, even getting out of bed can be a chore (or perhaps I’m just a temperature wimp who doesn’t like it when it’s freezing b@lls or sweating t!ts, I like it somewhere in the middle).  Today, I’m going to focus on the bits of summer that I do enjoy – the sunshine, the long long long days, blue skies…

luscious greens and reds that pop
huge butterflies
cold beverages – alcoholic or otherwise
roadtrips and fun-times with friends

What are your favorite parts of summer?