Thought Vomit

As mentioned the other week, I’ve had a rather difficult time lately starting new things without finishing the old.  I find it nearly impossible to cast on for something new until the current project is off the needles which is neither efficient or productive.  I read recentlyon OliveBites blog that if you’re having problems starting (or finishing) a baby (in this case my work) then perhaps you should start (or finish) something else entirely. So that’s what this blog post is meant to be, a beginning and ending of something new and different and creatively energizing.

photography is also a creative outlet for me

Writing has always been a creative medium for me.  I can’t draw very well, but words come more easily.  I debated writing this down with a pencil and paper because it physically “feels” better but I type faster than I write, and I think much much faster than I type, so this is it.

so many possibilities and yet no ability to move on them

I’ve got a few different single skeins of yarn that I have been wanting to work with for months and I know sort-of what they want to be but the finalized idea is elusive.  This skein wants to be a hat.  A planty, flowery, delicate, urban-chic slouch.

she’s so pretty and muted-ly colorful

This skein wants to be a rugged, rural, mountain-home but urban-functional pair of fingerless mitts or wrist warmers.  It wants solid texture, something stand-out-ish.

grey and smooshy and warm

If I were to try to draw these ideas they would never materialize, I know, in words and ideas, what the skeins want to be, what I want to create, but drawing them out is, well, out.

I just want to crawl on in there and not come out until something creative happens

And so, I apologize for the stream of conscious, hopefully it will help me to open the doors of creativity and perhaps startitis but if not, now you know at least a little more of what happens in my brain on a moment-by-moment basis (which I hope doesn’t scare you away!).

4 thoughts on “Thought Vomit

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your design process. It’s nice to know you as a designer better, the good, and the difficult too.

  2. It’s good to get out what you’re thinking on paper, whether it’s a drawing or writing, or even typing 🙂 I love all the new possibilities that await you. You have a lot of beautiful yarn to choose from!

    Good advice on starting something else entirely! I think I’m definitely going to try that to get back into my knitting groove.

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