Pretty Yarny Things

It’s just one of those days where this “thinking” thing that people talk about isn’t happening.  Instead, I just want to look at pretty pictures and thought, hey, perhaps you’d all like to see some too 🙂  Lately I’ve been focusing a lot more energy in my personal space, my crafty studio, my house, my bedroom and here are some of the inspirations for my endeavors (all of these pictures came from Pinterest):

I love the colors (and the canine)
cool minty green and lots of pillows
big windows, lots of natural light, cute little desk

One thought on “Pretty Yarny Things

  1. These spaces are all so great and they look so cozy too. My work/craft space definitely needs some work too. Right now, my craft table is piled high with yarn, books, camera stuff, clothes… I would love to have a separate space for all of it, but alas, it must be shared with the sleeping area. For shame!

    I hope you post pictures of your craft space!

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