So Fancy

My favorite LYS, Fancy Tiger, just had their 6 year anniversary this past weekend!  I needed some swatching yarn and a knitting-people fix so I took a real shower, put on real clothes and skipped (drove) on down to Broadway to join the festivities.

phone pic, taken amidst the action

Believe me when I tell you the place was packed.  The owners, Jaime and Amber, were so generously handing out goody bags to the first 100 people who walked through the doors and I was lucky enough to snag one before scampering off through the crowds to find the perfect swatching yarn.

The line was long, yes, but it moved very quickly and when you’re in a line like that, you’re in good company and so waiting was actually enjoyable.  I also brought knitting in my purse and was able to knit while in line too (and nobody looked at me weird either! yay for yarn stores!).

Can you believe that I didn’t even open my goody bag until I got home?  True story. I broke through the staples in the car but decided it would probably be a safety hazard for the vehicles around me if I delved into the deep whilst driving.

Wanna see my loot?  Of course you do.

free tshirt (it’s so soft), free stickers, free tattoos, free fabric and free Bhedawol

As we all know, photographing reds is difficult but suffice it to say, this yarn is beautiful, the color is gorgeous, its very soft and it’s perfect for the design I’ve got in mind.

knits up beautifully

What did you do this weekend?


2 thoughts on “So Fancy

  1. I drove home from Florida and stopped at 3 different LYS’s…I did blog about them if interested….I also visited 3 while in Florida…Today I am going to an LYS that is closing because the owner is retiring…

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