WIP Wednesday: Greys and Sunshine

The weather lately has been sunny and rainy, sunny and rainy, all within the same day (welcome to Colorado) and my knitting has held a similar color scheme, not on purpose but I did notice it yesterday afternoon whilst it was raining after having been sunny and blue skied all morning.

I’ve been working on some stash-busting scarves for show stock for the upcoming season:

easy pattern, fun result 🙂

And I totally finally got suckered into the quilt extravaganza that is the Beekeeper, although I am a smidge concerned about how the size, the fluffiness of the end quilt affect it as a quilt, is it stiff?  too warm? has anyone had experience with the finished blanket?:

the first of many, I’m sure

Not to mention the secret designs going on in the background, a pattern that will need test knitters soon (hint hint) and cleaning, organizing and making my studio space motivating and work-able!

What have you been up to lately?  To see more WIPs, head to Tami’s blog!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Greys and Sunshine

  1. I love your stashbuster projects! If I ever get my act together, I should do that to. I’ve never made the Beekeeper and don’t know anyone who has. But just from the looks of it, it seems like it would be super warm!

  2. So far I’m only to the stage of making the hexipuffs, but I haven’t assembled the quilt yet. Seems it’d be really floppy to me, depending upon how the puffs are sewn together. I also imagine it wouldn’t get too hot, with lots of room for the air to move beneath and between the puffs. . . I hope you get a good answer from someone who’s actually finished a quilt! 🙂

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