Sweet Potato Fries


1 Large Sweet Potato

2 Tbsp Corn Starch

2 Tbsp Olive Oil


A potato of the sweet variety


1. Wash the potato and cut into fry-sized pieces


2. Soak for at least an hour in water, drain

we have the weapon

3. Put the cornstarch and seasonings in a ziplock bag and mix together

having a bath

4. Toss the fries with the corn starch and seasonings until coated

5. Lay out on a cookie sheet and drizzle with oil

snuggling up

6. Mix the fries together so that they are evenly coated with oil

7. Pop in the oven at 450 for 20-25 minutes

things got heated

8. Turn the fries over and let cool

9. Enjoy with your favorite person or people

they surprisingly well with white wine 🙂

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