Much of this week I’ve been working on pieces (well, and that thing I showed you Wednesday).  I’m putting together the pattern for the Viking Helmet and in the process I’m making another one since I’d like to have at least one in the booth during shows this season.

bits and pieces

What this means for you?

New pattern coming soon!  And it’s a super fun one to boot 🙂

Hiding in Plain Sight

Do you have an awesome weekend planned?

Pretty Yarny Things

It’s just one of those days where this “thinking” thing that people talk about isn’t happening.  Instead, I just want to look at pretty pictures and thought, hey, perhaps you’d all like to see some too 🙂  Lately I’ve been focusing a lot more energy in my personal space, my crafty studio, my house, my bedroom and here are some of the inspirations for my endeavors (all of these pictures came from Pinterest):

I love the colors (and the canine)
cool minty green and lots of pillows
big windows, lots of natural light, cute little desk

WIP Wednesday: Silky Wool

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I’ve been working on this new design for a little while and although I did finish the knitting portion of it just yesterday, there are still things that need to happen before I can personally declare it an FO.

simple project, all in the details

Although it won’t be published for a little bit yet (still needs to be test-knit, etc) I can tell you a little about the design.  It’s knit out of Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, it’s a pullover and it has interesting construction as well a few charming details that you work on during the entire knitting process but can’t see too well until it’s all complete 😉

details and directional changes

What are you working on this week?  Share in the comments as well as over on Tami’s blog!


Technical Editing Services

I told you earlier about some new services I was going to be offering and today I’m releasing those!

math, math, math, work, work, work, fun, fun, fun

Technical Editing is something that designers love; something that designers need.  As a knitwear designer, I seek out Tech Editors to look over my patterns before I publish them, having a fresh set of eyes on a design that I’ve been looking at for ages is always a good idea – they might spot a spelling or grammatical error that I missed just because I’d been looking at it for too long, they’ll tell me whether the pattern is coherent and will make sense to the average knitter.

Tech Editing is something that I’m offering to other designers.  With my services I promise:

  • to check for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • to make sure that everything flows together coherently
  • to make sure that abbreviations have been explained
  • to make sure that basic calculations are accurate
  • to check efficient use of space

I’ve been knitting for about 13 years and designing my own projects the entire time.  My first design was published about 5 years ago and I haven’t stopped since.  I have strong mathematical abilities and having gone to an Engineering school for college, these strengths have been honed for the engineering of knitwear.  English is always something that I studied fiercely, grammar and spelling mistakes irk me to no end and I always have a red pen in my head when I read essays written by classmates, colleagues and publications.

I charge $25/hr for Technical Editing but for the first month I’m offering a discounted rate of only $20/hr.  This offer will extend for services rendered through August 10, 2012.

For more details please see my Technical Editing Page.

New Updates Rollin’ Through

Sometimes your house, your blog, your shop, your life, your whatever just needs a little updating.  The past few days I’ve taken the liberty of doing some myself and would like to share some of them with you!

  • I’ve updated my About Page here on the blog, on Facebook, on Etsy, on Ravelry and on Craftsy (they all say about the same thing, but they’ve all been updated 🙂 )
  • The free patterns available on Craftsy and Ravelry will only be free until Monday, July 9 and then they’ll be available for $2.99
  • I’ve also updated the Patterns Page here on the blog although all of my self-published patterns can still be found on that sidebar –>
  • I’ll soon be offering more services (but those get their own post next week 😉 )
Mona Lisa and I work very closely together

Have an awesome weekend!

Independence Coupon

Happy Wednesday, happy 4thof July, happy Independence Day!  I want to share in and promote independence within all of us, regardless of nationality.

Sunny Grey Skies
Sunny Grey Skies

As a self-employed person and knitwear designer, supporting myself, living my dream, I could not be here without you all and I want to give a little something back.

Green T
Green T

For the entire July 4th 2012 holiday I want to share a 20% off coupon with you all, this will work on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop.

Just enter independence12at checkout to receive 20% off your order!

Braided Slouch
Braided Slouch

Now go enjoy some probably-less-than-healthy food, time with good people and your independence as a talking ape flying through space on a spherical spaceship 🙂

(PS I’ll be heading home tomorrow and have had so much inspirational and work-through-the-details time in the past few days, so expect updates and awesomeness!)