WIP Wednesday: Mystery KAL Pattern

This week I’m sharing pictures of the stole, the sweater has only a little sleeve progress and to be honest I’m worried I’ll run out of yarn!

crumply, bumpy, wavy lace

I’m working on the 3rd clue that went out on Sunday, with the new job and everything going on it’s slow moving but I love the yarn (by Bittersweet Woolery) and I love watching the pattern emerge 🙂

Teaming up with Tami again!

A Long Hike

Saturday, while I was vising Albuquerque, I went on a hike to see the crash site of a TWA plane that was on it’s way to Santa Fe but only ten minutes after take-off crashed into the foothills of Sandia in 1955.

overgrown: the wreckage is now part of the canyon

It was a good ten mile hike, a beautiful day and an awesome way to spend time with one of my favorite people.

crumpled metal and a few pieces of discernible plane parts

The area around the wreckage was lush, surprising for New Mexico, much cooler than the base of the hike and hummingbirds seemed to favorite the area.  The humbling aspect of the deaths of 13 passengers and 3 crew members made the destination bittersweet, the hike was well worth the effort.

surprisingly loud for their size

Knitting progress to share tomorrow!

Musical Monday: Take A Walk

I had a whirlwind of a weekend, it was so fun and totally worth it but man am I exhausted!  I do plan on sharing some photos from the hike I took Saturday later this week, and, of course, knitting news and progress but today, while I’m catching up on other things and working at the cafe (I picked up a part-time barista job which I love!) I’ll leave you with a pleasant song 🙂  What did you do this weekend?

Take a Walk by Passion Pit

Compass Rose Stole

So the Mystery KAL is underway and I’m excited by the progress all of the participants are sharing! I love seeing the design knit up in different colorways and I’m even knitting another too 😀

it even waves! like the ocean!

The stole pattern is available for purchase but won’t be released to the public until early October when the KAL is over.  If you choose to purchase the pattern between now and then, it will arrive in your inbox as soon as it is available!

WIP Wednesday: Sweater Progress

The sweater has been making a little progress, although not much.  I finished the bottom edging with a K1tbl, P1 rib and bound off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

You guys almost didn’t get modeled photos this time, I’m that lazy.

Looking at the way the sweater fits, I may un-bind off and make the ribbing a smidge longer…but we’ll see how it fits after I put on the sleeves and collar (those shouldn’t take too long right?)

Sorry for the grainy pictures

The sweater progress has slowed a bit because I’ve prioritized my knitting and work knitting gets done first, sadly.  But it is quite a motivator to get it done so I can have fun knitting time!

Share your own WIPs and check out others on Tami’s Blog 🙂

Beared Viking Helmet Pattern – Released!

I’ve been waiting a long time to finally bring you guys this pattern and today’s the day!


The hat is great for using different yarn weights, needle gauges and techniques and none of the pieces are extremely difficult to make.  It would make a great introductory project for bobbles and short rows and it gives you the cutest finished project 🙂

Don’t forget to invite the Vikings to your next BBQ

Perfect for the upcoming gift-giving season, perfect for treating yourself and perfect for creating your own Halloween costume that will keep you warm!

What if your boss were a Viking?

The pattern and more details are available on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy (and if you don’t knit but want your own, check this out!).

Time for a nap

Story Telling

This picture tells a story

let me share a yarn with you

There once was a beautiful shawl that didn’t believe her outsides matched her insides and so she left on a quest.  This quest was to better herself, to become a grown shawl who was so very herself and so much more than she had ever been.

Growing is hard, it will take some time, but she will emerge beautiful and strong, a guiding light to others following her path.

WIP Wednesday: Something for Me Pt. 2

Happy Wednesday!  As I shared yesterday, I kind of hurt myself working on this (and other) projects last week so it sat, not ignored, not forgotten, but unable to be worked on.  I’ve just started picking it back up again, yesterday a few rows here and there, same with today.

A lot more body than last week

It’s growing, that’s for sure (most of the growth was the reason for the pain) and I’m looking forward to having a finished sweater although I realize that even though I’m >this< close to the bottom ribbing, I still have two sleeves and a collar to work.

There’s a smidge of shaping

Skip on over to Tami’s blog to read more WIP stories and share your own!

Pikes Peak Hill Climb

This past weekend I spent in Colorado Springs with some friends enjoying Garden of the Gods a bit and Pikes Peak (and all the vehicles trying to go up it real fast).  I didn’t get much any knitting done, I knit far too much last week and my wrist was in a fair amount of pain.  An ace bandage and no-knitting diet all weekend have made it a bit better but I’ll take the needles slowly for a few more days to recuperate fully.

Garden of the Gods
This was the corner we watched for most of race day
Pretty Evening Sky

What did you do this weekend?