Wrap Up of the Week

I know I wasn’t around much this week and for that I apologize, things have been crazy.

  • The Compass Rose Mystery KAL was released (there’s still plenty of time to sign up, Tina’s also having a shop update today!)
  • I’ve been balancing training for my first half marathon with the knee pain that hinders me much too early to be reasonable
  • I’ve tried to make myself get out and about (do you ever feel the need to force this on yourself?)
  • I’ve been knitting on sooper seekrit projects and wanting to knit on less seekrit projects
  • I was out of town last weekend and will have company this weekend 🙂
  • I’m beginning to destash the SABLE (stash amassed beyond life expectancy)
  • I’m trying to do more with my Ravelry Group
  • Not to mention all of the designs that are always happening at various levels of completion
  • I’m also trying to overhaul my bookkeeping system and that in and of itself is a headache and a half

What have you been up to this week?  Has it been crazy everywhere or just here?  Do ya’ll have any fun weekend plans?


2 thoughts on “Wrap Up of the Week

  1. When hubs was training for a half marathon, we went to a running shoe store and was measured for size and also step quality (he’s pronated), and bought 2 pair of good shoes. Not cheap, but within 2 days his knee pain was gone. He switches shoes every day, one to rest, one to wear. Hope it helps you. Best of luck with your training, your KAL, your knitting, your designs, and your destash. 🙂 Me, this weekend is stay cation! and next is a sailing adventure. Some knitting going on, but mostly plain boring stuff.

    1. Great suggestion 🙂 It sounds like you’ve got some fun times planned for the next two weeks! Enjoy your time wherever you are while you can, I guess you never know when you move 🙂

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