WIP Wednesday: Yellow and Blue

Happy Wednesday!  I’m back this week with pictures of the yellow sweater and the Compass Rose Stole (finally).

It’ll be done by the time it’s cold outside, even if growth right now is slow 🙂

Obviously, the sweater is coming along.  Some time back I decided I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make loves (long sleeves) and certainly didn’t want to make shoves (short sleeves, thanks Freshy) so I’m going with elves (elbow-length sleeves) although I’m debating making the ribbing longer to match the bottom hemline, what do you guys think?

The stole is coming along although slowly, I’ve been busy working at the cafe and training for my race this past Saturday so I’m making some headway on it this week (while also working on products for the show I’m participating in this weekend).

makin’ progress

This picture was taken a day or so ago and I’ve made more progress, the Compass Rose motif is all done and I’m making my way to the edges of the mesh border, the Rose definitely takes more concentration than this part of the project so I’m hoping it’ll fly right along now.

Joining in with Tami as usual 🙂  What are you working on this week?

First Half Marathon Recap

I ran my very first half marathon on Saturday, the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon, it was tough, but I feel good for having accomplished it!

Because the organizers set groups off in waves (with 15,000 people, how can you do it any other way?) and I had estimate a longer time for myself (which I met) I was in the next-to-last corral to start the race.  The waiting was probably one of the worst parts for me since I usually just “get up and go” when I run around my neighborhood.

Thanks to my buddy for having a phone to take this picture after the race!

During the race, my only real “issues” were dodging so many folks on the road, listening to all of their conversations and around mile 10 my gut cramped up (probably from drinking the Gatorade at the last station too fast so I could keep moving).  Other than that, I had the normal aches and pains in my knees and feet but I feel that, even though my average pace was slower than intended, I finished strong.

Comments on the Rock N Roll Race:

  • there were fewer bands than I imagined there would be (cowbells don’t count as “live music”)
  • the Expo was pleasant, I went Thursday afternoon so it was less crowded which was kind of nice
  • volunteers, and especially the Police men and women keeping us safe from getting run over, should have a smile on (like they actually want to keep us safe)
  • I love that the chip on my shoe didn’t have to be returned after the race, one less thing to worry about
  • all of the folks at the finish line were nice, smiley, helpful and made me feel like I accomplished something 😀

What I will do differently next time:

  • train more
  • bring my own music
  • have my cell phone handy in my own pack or my checked bag for post-race-finding-of-folks

Almost Time!

Yesterday, after another very long day at the cafe, I headed into Denver to check out the Rock N Roll Expo.  I picked up my race bib, swag bag and tshirt.

can’t wear the shirt till the race is complete 😀

Tomorrow I’m taking it easy, resting my feet and gearing up my head and body to do something I’ve never done before.  And with some 15,000 people no less.

I imagine you won’t be hearing much from me until next week!

Me-and-the-Blog Time

Alright, it’s been a busy week and I’ve had a difficult time getting sit-down time with the blog.

1.  The dog is doing better, the vet was very nice, helped her out and gave us some meds

best co-pilot ever

2.  I want her to heal faster so that I can take her for walks around the neighborhood.  I have a sneaking suspicion she wants this too.

3.  I’ve been knitting, I promise.  I’ll have pictures as soon as I can take some during daylight to show you.

4.  My race is coming up so soon!  I’m sure you’ll hear all about this next week.

5.  I’m participating in a show next Saturday, the 29th, if you’re in Denver you should check it out!

Busy Weekend and Puppy Woes

Friday night I came home from my part time barista job, let the dog out, took a phone call and when I let her in she limped heavily through the door, up the stairs and straight to her space in the living room.  The poor thing has injured her paw, pulling out one of her nails almost fully by the root but the bugger is hanging on and is twisted all the way sideways.

she’s not always so pissed-off looking

She’s been bleeding a little bit, limping a lot and generally sticking close to me and asking that I make her feel better.  Now, I do plan on taking her to the vet, I wasn’t able to do it this weekend because I’ve worked everyday since Friday (including today) and Vet$+ weekend$ = huge bill$.

see? she can be rather cute sometimes

I have been wrapping her paw in paper towels and tissues and taping it securely, changing the dressings, letting it get some air and cleaning it regularly since but she’s not the tiniest dog so restraining her and helping her at the same time are very difficult when it’s just me .  These activities cause a lot of stress to both of us.

lookit! baby mona lisa! how cute is that little face?

She does seem to have improved some, her tripod walking is getting better and she even figured out how to poop yesterday (big accomplishments relatively speaking) so I have high hopes that she’ll return to normal quickly.

If you could send good vibes our way, that’d be great! Thanks 🙂

FO Friday: I broke double digits!

Now, I know the title of this post seems to have nothing to do with knitting and that you’re probably confused.

Truth? This post has very little to do with knitting except that knitting is like running in that every little bit counts.

As some of you know, I’ve been training for my first half marathon, the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathonthat’s happening next Saturday, September 22.  I’ve been struggling with training for this race for a few reasons.  Mentally, I want to do it, I want to cross that finish line and I know my muscles can handle it. Physically, thus far in the training process, I’ve been dealing with a *ton* of knee pain in my left knee, the joint pain stops me long before my muscles are tired.

shoes + tapes + foam roller = holly can run!

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I’m working with a Physical Therapist on fixing the pain and yesterday was my long run for the week.  Not only was I able to complete more than 10 miles, I did it with what I think most runners would consider “normal” amounts of pain!

superfeet make for super knees

I’m so stoked and much MUCH more confident in my abilities to cross that finish line next week.  Where I was feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up last week, now I feel like I can do anything (that involves my sneakers hitting the ground)!

What accomplishments have you achieved lately?

Finishing Up Clue 3!

I’ve got some not-so-great shots of my current stole, it rained all night and day yesterday which, while a pleasant interruption of the norm, rendered grey skies and poor lighting.  Great knitting weather though!

Clue 3, growing nicely

I’m finishing up clue 3 in these photographs, I started the little points about a row late (Lazy Designer Syndrome) and, having ripped back at least 3 times earlier that day they were started, decided just to fudge them a smidge where necessary.

crumply lace, stacked cakes, it’s like a wedding!

As you have seen/can see, I’m using two cakes of Bittersweet’s Star Dust Lace in Merfolk.  The two cakes differ slightly so I’m knitting two rows of one, two rows of the other to blend them and I think it’s working out perfectly.

Are you partaking in this KAL? How is your stole coming along?

WIP Wednesday: The Yellow Sweater

I promise the yellow sweater is still being worked on (it’s in my lap right now even) albiet very slowly compared to it’s lightening fast start.

I like the way the collar turned out and am glad I did that before I ran out of yarn…

I’m still working on the first sleeve and am mildly concerned that I won’t have enough yarn left to make a second if I want to make them long sleeved.  I want long sleeves.  You know what happens when you combine those two words? Long sleeves? Loves. Loves is what happens and that’s what I want.

excuse the canine, she likes to be wherever I am (although she does kind of look like she’s just an odd growth on my hip)

So, basically, I’m trying to knit faster so that I don’t run out of yarn and if I do, well, maybe I’ll make them elbow length.  That seems to be in style this season. But combining elbow length only gives you “elth” which is less fun to say and doesn’t conjure up the same fuzzy feelings as “loves.”

Join in on WIP Wednesday over on Tami’s blog 🙂

Knitters Basically Rule the World

In case you haven’t heard, I’m part of this project right here that put up a Kickstarter campaignon August 31st in order to raise money for a book of post-apocalyptic knitting patterns.  Not only did we reach our goal (in 5 effing days!), we’ve surpassed that amount by more than $1000!

Painting by Rhiannon McCulloch, available to one lucky donor

This money will go towards production costs, tech editors, photography, printing, etc.  We’ve still got the rest of the month to raise funds and I’m excited to see where it will lead us 😀

some travel-knitting and our mascot, Mona Lisa

I can’t tell you much about my contribution, but it’s soft, squooshy, practical for daily (even pre-apocalyptic) wear and has some fun details and textures!