Birthday Adventures and a Coupon!

So, Friday was my birthday and in true birthday fashion I extended the celebration through the whole weekend and did whatever it was that I wanted to do!

crossing rivers, bogs, tundra and rocks to get to the top

Friday we woke up early and headed to the mountains.  Our destination: 14,060 feet to the summit of Mt. Bierstadt.

From the trailhead

Not a mile into the hike we saw a moose swimming in a lake!

just going for a dip

The views were just gorgeous all around and it was a perfect way to start off a new year in my life.

Mona Lisa even enjoyed the hike 🙂
such a different perspective from the top
the other side (I wish I could show you the 360 view!)

Because I don’t really want the celebration to end even though I have to go back to being a responsible, contributing member to society, I want to offer a sale on all of my patterns!  Through Friday, September 14th use code: sillybday to get 20% off your order on any of my patterns!

about halfway up, the summit in the clouds

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

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