Finishing Up Clue 3!

I’ve got some not-so-great shots of my current stole, it rained all night and day yesterday which, while a pleasant interruption of the norm, rendered grey skies and poor lighting.  Great knitting weather though!

Clue 3, growing nicely

I’m finishing up clue 3 in these photographs, I started the little points about a row late (Lazy Designer Syndrome) and, having ripped back at least 3 times earlier that day they were started, decided just to fudge them a smidge where necessary.

crumply lace, stacked cakes, it’s like a wedding!

As you have seen/can see, I’m using two cakes of Bittersweet’s Star Dust Lace in Merfolk.  The two cakes differ slightly so I’m knitting two rows of one, two rows of the other to blend them and I think it’s working out perfectly.

Are you partaking in this KAL? How is your stole coming along?

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