FO Friday: I broke double digits!

Now, I know the title of this post seems to have nothing to do with knitting and that you’re probably confused.

Truth? This post has very little to do with knitting except that knitting is like running in that every little bit counts.

As some of you know, I’ve been training for my first half marathon, the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathonthat’s happening next Saturday, September 22.  I’ve been struggling with training for this race for a few reasons.  Mentally, I want to do it, I want to cross that finish line and I know my muscles can handle it. Physically, thus far in the training process, I’ve been dealing with a *ton* of knee pain in my left knee, the joint pain stops me long before my muscles are tired.

shoes + tapes + foam roller = holly can run!

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I’m working with a Physical Therapist on fixing the pain and yesterday was my long run for the week.  Not only was I able to complete more than 10 miles, I did it with what I think most runners would consider “normal” amounts of pain!

superfeet make for super knees

I’m so stoked and much MUCH more confident in my abilities to cross that finish line next week.  Where I was feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up last week, now I feel like I can do anything (that involves my sneakers hitting the ground)!

What accomplishments have you achieved lately?

11 thoughts on “FO Friday: I broke double digits!

  1. That is so cool! I’m restarting Couch to 5k since I had a stress fracture. My running has greatly improved since I started the program ages ago. I think it would be super cool to organize a 5k for Lymphoma (the cancer I had).

    I’m in awe that you’re doing a half mary!

  2. Don’t give up! Going to a chiropractor might also help, I went to see one for plantar faciitis and he helped heal it and I’m running pain free. Enjoy the Rock and Roll 1/2. I did the one in D.C. this past March and it was so much fun that I’m doing the 1/2 in Savannah this November. Happy running!

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