Busy Weekend and Puppy Woes

Friday night I came home from my part time barista job, let the dog out, took a phone call and when I let her in she limped heavily through the door, up the stairs and straight to her space in the living room.  The poor thing has injured her paw, pulling out one of her nails almost fully by the root but the bugger is hanging on and is twisted all the way sideways.

she’s not always so pissed-off looking

She’s been bleeding a little bit, limping a lot and generally sticking close to me and asking that I make her feel better.  Now, I do plan on taking her to the vet, I wasn’t able to do it this weekend because I’ve worked everyday since Friday (including today) and Vet$+ weekend$ = huge bill$.

see? she can be rather cute sometimes

I have been wrapping her paw in paper towels and tissues and taping it securely, changing the dressings, letting it get some air and cleaning it regularly since but she’s not the tiniest dog so restraining her and helping her at the same time are very difficult when it’s just me .  These activities cause a lot of stress to both of us.

lookit! baby mona lisa! how cute is that little face?

She does seem to have improved some, her tripod walking is getting better and she even figured out how to poop yesterday (big accomplishments relatively speaking) so I have high hopes that she’ll return to normal quickly.

If you could send good vibes our way, that’d be great! Thanks 🙂

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