WIP Wednesday: Yellow and Blue

Happy Wednesday!  I’m back this week with pictures of the yellow sweater and the Compass Rose Stole (finally).

It’ll be done by the time it’s cold outside, even if growth right now is slow 🙂

Obviously, the sweater is coming along.  Some time back I decided I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make loves (long sleeves) and certainly didn’t want to make shoves (short sleeves, thanks Freshy) so I’m going with elves (elbow-length sleeves) although I’m debating making the ribbing longer to match the bottom hemline, what do you guys think?

The stole is coming along although slowly, I’ve been busy working at the cafe and training for my race this past Saturday so I’m making some headway on it this week (while also working on products for the show I’m participating in this weekend).

makin’ progress

This picture was taken a day or so ago and I’ve made more progress, the Compass Rose motif is all done and I’m making my way to the edges of the mesh border, the Rose definitely takes more concentration than this part of the project so I’m hoping it’ll fly right along now.

Joining in with Tami as usual 🙂  What are you working on this week?

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