Birthday Adventures and a Coupon!

So, Friday was my birthday and in true birthday fashion I extended the celebration through the whole weekend and did whatever it was that I wanted to do!

crossing rivers, bogs, tundra and rocks to get to the top

Friday we woke up early and headed to the mountains.  Our destination: 14,060 feet to the summit of Mt. Bierstadt.

From the trailhead

Not a mile into the hike we saw a moose swimming in a lake!

just going for a dip

The views were just gorgeous all around and it was a perfect way to start off a new year in my life.

Mona Lisa even enjoyed the hike 🙂
such a different perspective from the top
the other side (I wish I could show you the 360 view!)

Because I don’t really want the celebration to end even though I have to go back to being a responsible, contributing member to society, I want to offer a sale on all of my patterns!  Through Friday, September 14th use code: sillybday to get 20% off your order on any of my patterns!

about halfway up, the summit in the clouds

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

WIP Wednesday: I Probably Need My Own Compass

The KAL has had some ups and downs, it’s our first one (for both Tina and I) and it sure has been a learning process!  My second version of the stole is coming along albeit slowly with the new job and general life responsibilities and all that fun stuff.

the beginning of the compass rose motif just peaking through

Clue 4 went out Sunday and I’m still working on Clue 3, but as I’ve said before, knitting lace can be addicting because “just one more row” and I can see the pattern better! Every row adds something new and exciting 🙂

doesn’t the colorway look like the ocean?

Joining up with Tami, as usual, what are you knitting this week?


My guy got me this recently and it has hardly left my neck since.  A long time resident of my wish list, this necklace was handmade by idlehandsdesignsand the craftsmanship is wonderful!

some see it as broken, I see it as repaired

The metal isn’t flimsy, it isn’t too heavy, it’s perfect and has just the right amount of personality.  This will be a favorite in my jewelry collection 🙂

Musical Monday: 40 Day Dream

Happy Labor Day to those in the US!

Hopefully you’re out and about, soaking up the unofficial end of summer 🙂 Yesterday I roadtripped to Salida, CO to meet up with my parents and it was gorgeous, as much of Colorado is. Today I’m in the cafe making espresso beverages until I come home to work on some designs for Spring!

40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros