The Dropped Stitch Pullover – In Real Life

Seeing clothes on a model and then seeing them on yourself can be a stark difference.  My model/friend for many of my latest designs is of that 1% body type – tall, slender, can wear anything she wants and looks amazing.  Myself? Not so much, a little shorter than average, lady-curves, short torso, all things you have to look out for when knitting for yourself.

Today I wanted to share pictures of how I styled the Dropped Stitch Pullover when I wear it out and about.  I’m hoping to start this as a regular thing – knits in the world – and I’d love it if you joined me!  I really enjoy seeing the practical uses of knitwear, and I happen to be a little afraid of wearing my actual garments (another post on this in the future) so this might just push me out of my comfort zone and into my knits.

A traveling outfit

On one of my many travels, I wore the sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and little booties.

It’s really not as revealing as you’d think with all those dropped stitches

And I wore it on Sunday at Rhinebeck with jeans, my Sunny Grey Skies Shawlette and a hair scarf (which are quickly becoming my favorite things ever).

Yea, I always wear a lot of rings

How do you wear your handknits?

FO Friday: The Rhinebeck Sweater

It’s about time, right?! The yellow sweater was finally finished, the night before I left for Rhinebeck, ends were woven in during my delayed layover in Dulles and it was “steam blocked” by hanging in the bathroom whilst I showered.

Freshygot the best pictures of it, for sure:

Perfectly fair-themed

Wanna hear the story about how the sweater actually got finished?  Of course you do.

1. The sweater was begunand most of it was knit in a 3-day period leaving me unable to move my wrist and wearing a brace

it all started with a big yellow ball

2. The rest of it was slowly added over the course of a few weeks and sleeves were a topic of concern

The Great Sleeve Debate of 2012

3. When I finally decided to do full length sleeves, I ran out of yarn (as was the concern above)

4. The night before I left for New York I sat and Skyped with my sweater in my lap, unraveling the bottom edging while also knitting this unraveled yarn straight to the sleeve, the two were connected and more yarn unraveled as more sleeve was added

5. After the sleeves were an acceptable length, I had to go back and re-bind-off the bottom border, which required more tinking

6. I still ran out of yarn 7 stitches from the end and decided that in order for my sanity to stay right where it was (which may or may not be questionable in the first place) I would just use the closest matching yellow yarn from my stash for the last inch of bind off.

it is ever-so-slightly neon

7. The sweater was finished. And worn. And it is glorious.

A pattern may be in the works if there’s interest, trust me, it’s warm and cozy and soft and a great addition to my collection.


The Score

Can you believe that I only came home with a single skein of yarn from Rhinebeck?

Seriously.  Just one.

I almost don’t believe it myself, I had planned on treating myself to more but I think I got overwhelmed with all of the choices and then on Sunday (my designated shopping day) I was distracted with having to make it to the airport on time and such.

Canoptic Clay in Afterglow

The yarn I did come home with though was from Bittersweet Woolery (of course) and it is the most gorgeous tonal-ish brown shade of Canoptic Clay in her Afterglow base.

Let’s just say that this yarn will match well with the leftover yarn from the Compass Rose Shawl to become another beautiful design in the near-ish future 😉

What a Whirlwind Weekend!

(Didja like that alliteration up there?  I’m a huge fan of alliteration)

Seriously though, it was a wonderful few days, lots of traveling, plenty of yarn and fiber, cute animals and great folks.


After having late flights that were then delayed, Jake and I arrived at our hotel around 2:30am Saturday.  Freshy was still awake, being a knitting champ and all, working on some silk-wonderfulness.  We slept for the blink of an eye and then we were off to the first of two days at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival!

the three of us at the beginning of day 1!

The first day we used mainly as our looking-around-getting-our-bearings day and saved most of the actual shopping for Sunday.  We petted cute things:

gettin’ some goat kisses!

sipped on plenty of wine:

sippin’ and knittin’

tasted a variety of cheeses:

cheese, wine and yarn are a helluva combo

we had a Twitter Meet-Up:

it’s so nice meeting virtual friends in real life 😀

and saw some pretty colors:

Absolutely gorgeous colors!

Not to mention, I finally got to meet Tina of Bittersweet Woolery!  She’s a fantastic person, funny, personable, a great shop-owner, dyer, knitter, crocheter, spinner, and blogger.  Her booth had been thoroughly picked through by the time I got there at the end of day 1 (as is testament to her gorgeous work) but I returned early Sunday morning (first booth, I was on a mission) and picked up some beautiful lace yarn that you’ll see in the future 😉  I’ll share photos tomorrow of the yarn itself, but you’ll have to wait for the design!

Hurricane Tina and SillyLittleLady

The weather both days was pretty warm although the second day lent itself to sweater-wearing more easily.  And if you’re an astute picture-viewer, you may have seen the yellow sweater being worn above!  It was finished, but it gets it’s own post later, it was epic 😉

oh the colors

Did you go to Rhinebeck?  I want to see your experience too!

It’s Coming

And by “It” I hope you know I mean this weekend.  This weekend in New York.  The epicenter of knitters, crocheters, spinners, fiber fanatics and their unfortunately-dragged-along loved ones (my loved one is coming because he *wants* to, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

I leave tomorrow and I haven’t even started packing.  No clothing, no toiletries, not even my knitting.  I’ve been so busy this week dudes, I haven’t had time to do much of anything including breathing and sleeping, much less packing.

The way I think of it, it’s only a two-night trip, I know which sweaters I’m bringing (yes, that’s plural) and so I’m pretty set right?

We’ll see.  I hope you all have a wonderful fiber-filled weekend whether or not Rhinebeck is your destination and I promise to give a First-Timer’s recap next week! (Freshy, you’re bring that stripey cardi, I’m bring my yellow pullover, and even if we’re not entirely finished, we’ll wear them dammit!).

(so busy, didn’t even have time to put a photo in this post!)

WIP Wednesday: The Rhinebeck Sweater

Rhinebeck.  T minus 3 days and some hours and lots and lots of knitters will be entering the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  I will be among them.

the one sleeve was completed Monday night at my new Pints and Purls group

And I will be wearing this sweater dammit.  Even if I do run out of yarn after lengthening one sleeve only to find that there isn’t *quite* enough to finish the other the same length…I’ll just fold them up to the elbow or something…fudge it a little.

Linking up with Tami!  What are you working on this week?  Will you be attending Rhinebeck too?

Dropped Stitch Pullover Pattern Release!

I’ve been hoarding this design for a little while now, first the idea came to me almost a year and a half ago, then I got distracted making other things and finally came back to (and finished) the original top earlier this year.

the back

With the changing of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere and the wonderful versatility of this top I feel like now is the right time to release it to the public!

the front

Details can be found on it’s Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy pages.

sleeve detail


This past weekend I headed south for some fun with folks in New Mexico but I didn’t let work slide too much, I was able to get a few things done.

I updated my Tech Editing Page with a few of the patterns that I’ve had the opportunity to work on, so please go check them out (they’re at the bottom)!  These designers man, they’re talented!

I also spent a lot of time working on sooper seekrit projects so I can’t share too much of that here, not yet at least.

I may have been working on the floor this day. Don’t judge. There was more space down there.

Tomorrow a new design comes your way!  A design that I’ve kept under wraps for a while, a design that I wore whilst traveling last Thursday, a design that I love and hope you do too, so stay tuned 🙂

Oh the Possibilities

The possibilities of freshly wound yarn astound me every time.

Fresh off the cake-winder

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be visiting folks in NM before heading back to CO for a few days then off to Rhinebeck!  I have new and exciting things coming your way next week (a new design perhaps? I think so!)