Studio Sights

I’ve been meaning to share a post about my studio for a while now, but instead of sharing all of it all at once, it might be easier to just share a few pieces here and there.

Small causes for smiles

My studio space is a small bedroom that I share with my roommate (who paints).  I have had to get creative with my storage/desk/everything but there are a few pieces in there that just make me happy to see.

Rose-colored glasses

This little block I picked up at an Art-O-Mat in Denver not too long ago and he’s pretty fly.

the colorful opposite of the bear

And I enjoy having little (un-kill-able) plants around also to keep things fresh and lively looking!

I think it looks like a plant-y dinosaur

So, that’s just a small look, I promise to share more when I get decent pictures.  What does your creative space look like?  Any particular details you just love to have around?


3 thoughts on “Studio Sights

  1. I love the jade plants. So cute.

    My own studio is a bit jumbled up and hard to reach at the moment so I have a tiny little seed studio to work from.

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