What a Whirlwind Weekend!

(Didja like that alliteration up there?  I’m a huge fan of alliteration)

Seriously though, it was a wonderful few days, lots of traveling, plenty of yarn and fiber, cute animals and great folks.


After having late flights that were then delayed, Jake and I arrived at our hotel around 2:30am Saturday.  Freshy was still awake, being a knitting champ and all, working on some silk-wonderfulness.  We slept for the blink of an eye and then we were off to the first of two days at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival!

the three of us at the beginning of day 1!

The first day we used mainly as our looking-around-getting-our-bearings day and saved most of the actual shopping for Sunday.  We petted cute things:

gettin’ some goat kisses!

sipped on plenty of wine:

sippin’ and knittin’

tasted a variety of cheeses:

cheese, wine and yarn are a helluva combo

we had a Twitter Meet-Up:

it’s so nice meeting virtual friends in real life 😀

and saw some pretty colors:

Absolutely gorgeous colors!

Not to mention, I finally got to meet Tina of Bittersweet Woolery!  She’s a fantastic person, funny, personable, a great shop-owner, dyer, knitter, crocheter, spinner, and blogger.  Her booth had been thoroughly picked through by the time I got there at the end of day 1 (as is testament to her gorgeous work) but I returned early Sunday morning (first booth, I was on a mission) and picked up some beautiful lace yarn that you’ll see in the future 😉  I’ll share photos tomorrow of the yarn itself, but you’ll have to wait for the design!

Hurricane Tina and SillyLittleLady

The weather both days was pretty warm although the second day lent itself to sweater-wearing more easily.  And if you’re an astute picture-viewer, you may have seen the yellow sweater being worn above!  It was finished, but it gets it’s own post later, it was epic 😉

oh the colors

Did you go to Rhinebeck?  I want to see your experience too!

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