The Dropped Stitch Pullover – In Real Life

Seeing clothes on a model and then seeing them on yourself can be a stark difference.  My model/friend for many of my latest designs is of that 1% body type – tall, slender, can wear anything she wants and looks amazing.  Myself? Not so much, a little shorter than average, lady-curves, short torso, all things you have to look out for when knitting for yourself.

Today I wanted to share pictures of how I styled the Dropped Stitch Pullover when I wear it out and about.  I’m hoping to start this as a regular thing – knits in the world – and I’d love it if you joined me!  I really enjoy seeing the practical uses of knitwear, and I happen to be a little afraid of wearing my actual garments (another post on this in the future) so this might just push me out of my comfort zone and into my knits.

A traveling outfit

On one of my many travels, I wore the sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and little booties.

It’s really not as revealing as you’d think with all those dropped stitches

And I wore it on Sunday at Rhinebeck with jeans, my Sunny Grey Skies Shawlette and a hair scarf (which are quickly becoming my favorite things ever).

Yea, I always wear a lot of rings

How do you wear your handknits?

2 thoughts on “The Dropped Stitch Pullover – In Real Life

  1. looks great! if theres one thing i hate its FO pictures (of shawls in particular) lying on the floor. I have no idea what that shawl looks like !!

    great top 😀

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