Changing Colors

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed that I’ve been playing around with dyes lately!

It started with a sweater.  A once lovely, cream, 100% merino sweater that my roommate’s now-ex boyfriend washed with blacks.  On this most unfortunate of occasions, the color transferred and the creamy beauty was obscured with random blots of blackish grey that didn’t suit the beautiful sweater one bit.

She passed the sweater on to me as it no longer suited her wardrobe and it fit and felt so good that I didn’t want to get rid of it either.  The sweater languished in my closet, making an appearance on occasion only to be returned to the shadowy depths because a splotchy black-cream sweater didn’t fit into my wardrobe either.  I was working from home when I rediscovered a batch of Jaquard dyes in my studio closet – Bingo!

spa prep

The sweater took a long hot bath with one gorgeous shade of blue and emerged new and exciting and blue and has been in regular rotation (making a starring appearance in Austin last weekend).  Blue is this sweater’s true color, she’s happy to be showing it now.

Oh November

What a crazy hectic month this has been.  November started off with a sense of overwhelm before October was even out the door – deadlines, projects, shows, travels, all good stuff – good for the self-employed life I strive for, at least.

Injury plagued the first two weeks of the month, making meeting deadlines rather difficult and then shortly after use of my wrist regained, my computer decided that it no longer wanted to perform it’s duties.  On my way down to Albuquerque from Denver on Wednesday my head gasket decided to blow, requiring time on the side of the interstate, limping the car to the closest town and a tow dolly transported from the destination city to return the recently deceased vehicle and her Captain and First Mate to New Mexico’s largest city.  Combine these with trips to Austin and Albuquerque, prep for craft shows, contract knits that needed to make it out the door and designs that are on their way to you…and I have been an exhausted puppy.

Knitting has been happening, everything is somehow getting done in the time frame that it’s needed, but I really am looking forward to the beginning of next year – a Grand Head Quarters Relocation for SillyLittleLady is planned (more details to come) and with it, a calmer schedule allowing for more efficient work conditions.

soft and simple

Driving back to Denver today, the canine and I are in possession of a safer, more reliable carriage and we hope to remove all distractions so that we can finish out the year with grace and sophistication.

Either that or a fair amount of wine.  Wish us luck.

Fast Cars in Austin

Ok, I ordered a new computer, it’s not here yet but I’ve fanagled a way to get my pictures to the blog!

I flew down to Austin on Friday and we watched Qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday, so…lots of noise and people and smells and sounds and foods and overstimulation-up-the-wazoo.

lots of action in our area

We were on turn 12, a great place to watch a lot of offensive and defensive passing maneuvers.  I don’t want to give away the results of the race if you’re a viewer and haven’t seen it yet, but I will say that the organizers of the event did a pretty good job with crown control!

the viewing tower that should have been a water slide

Instead of standing stationary in line for hours, the lines were broken up in maze-like form and the group just kept walking, we ended up walking for just about as long as we would have stood in line, I’m sure, but keeping the people walking kept anxiety levels down, moods up and everyone was pretty pleasant.  The shuttle system from the city to the brand new track was pretty awesome too, so many buses, thoughtfully laid out, barely any waiting here too.  The food lines were long, of course, but at least those were the only real lines we encountered.

And, of course, knitting happened…I can’t show you too much….but it happened! I promise!

Holiday Handmade

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m participating in a few craft shows this season! The next one I’ll be in is being held next Friday evening and Saturday (Nov 30th and Dec 1st) in the Sherman Event Center in Denver, CO.

one of the sooper sweeeet graphics for the show 😀

I’m so stoked to have been accepted into this show, the competition is fierce and the show is widely marketed – it was even featured in Martha Stewart!

From Fancy Tiger’s Facebook Page

I hope you’ll all swing by and say Hello 😀

What Day Is It Again?

Whew.  It’s Tuesday.  Last I knew it was Thursday and I was preparing for a trip to Austin, TX to watch the first Formula 1 race held in the US since 2005.

The last time I planned a big trip (“big” being bigger than my frequent trips to New Mexico, etc) I was headed to Rhinebeck.  Do we remember what happened that time?  Two days before I left, my phone died.  Not that I needed that important piece of technology or anything.

This time, the phone worked, but two days before I left my ever-important computer decided that I didn’t need it either.  Not that I do 90% of my work on it or anything.

So, let’s just say that it’s been a really hectic and weird week for me.  I have lots of pictures I want to show you, knitting has happened, adventures have been had, but until I get myself a new ‘puter it’ll all have to wait.

Meanwhile, the dog has taken it upon herself to make sure that I neverevereverever leave her sight or arms-reach ever again ever.

WIP Wednesday: Armwear

Happy Wednesday!  Two days from now, I’ll be on my way to Austin, TX to watch the Formula 1 race and then Thanksgiving here in the US is right around the corner, it’s going to be a busy month (already has been) but a fun one!

I’ve been dealing with some wrist pain again, but am trying to take it slow.  The past few days I’ve been able to get bits and pieces of knitting in but taking regular breaks so that I don’t make the pain worse.

lovely rich green wool

The result? A finished fingerless mitt and half of it’s match.

I’m looking forward to getting these to their new owner, hopefully she’ll love them as much as I do!  How can that color not be loved?

Linking up with Tami as usual 🙂  What are you working on this week?

Juicy Juice

We interrupt your usual programming to bring you a small discussion on the soap box of Juice.

I’m really big into food – my favorite genre of movie is a food documentary, I love learning about nutrition and health, what we eat, why, how we should, etc.  I just find it so incredibly interesting and can’t get enough!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that I acquired a juicer recently and I’m so excited about it!  I know a lot of folks who like to drink smoothies, for me, the texture of smoothies is unappetizing (one of my many food-related quirks) and so juice is a perfect avenue.

Spinach, Grape, Apple, Ginger

Drinking fresh juice is the quickest way to get nutrients into your body, your cells absorb the nutrients easier, faster and more efficiently with juice than with anything else!  I don’t want to take over the entire blog with a juicing speech, but I highlyrecommend you check out some of the following titles:

I’m not saying that everyone should be vegetarian, or go on a juice fast or anything like that, but I think that just being aware of some these facts, some of this knowledge, will help us all to be healthier, happier folk!

Studio Sights Pt 2

Welcome to another edition of Studio Sights!  The first edition was here.

Today I’m sharing a little basket that takes up part of my desk space.

it’s got some charm

It’s a little white wicker basket with leather straps and closures that I picked up for free at a garage sale and it is a perfect little swatch holder.

simply sweet little details

I don’t know about the rest of you knitters, but I don’t really know what to do with my swatches once I knit them up and make them a perfect representation of the design.  I don’t want to throw them out, they’re useful, but they can’t just be floating around adding to the clutter that is my disaster roomstudio.  So, here they are (most of them at least, a few do seem to escape into the wild).

I mean, I can’t really show the swatches in detail…but there’s a lot of them!

How do you wrangle your swatches?  I’d love to hear any clever storage ideas you have, or have seen, in crafty studios!

Back on the Wagon

This week the gals over at the Maven Circle are talking about getting back into the good habits we all make for ourselves and somehow manage to stumble out of.

How very timely! I was just thinking about this last night and started the ever-difficult climb back into the workout wagon this morning. I started running seriously over the summer and ran a half marathon in September but had only run once or twice since! I loved how running and working out made me feel, physically and mentally it just boosts all sorts of good feelings. Why wouldn’t I want to continue that? Well, it started off innocently enough, as falling out of the wagon usually does – I took some days off post-race to recuperate. Then I got sick. Then I got so overwhelmingly busy that I felt like working out would be a “Waste of Time” and that I could be doing more productive things.

Now, how on earth can I expect to be at my best and be giving my all if I don’t take care of myself?


I’m getting back into working out and running dammit. It’s happening. And it will be Glorious.

look at that face, how can I give that up?!

WIP Wednesday: I Promise Stuff Has Been Happening

November is the busiest month for me, seriously.  So many deadlines and travel plans, to-dos and responsibilities, it’s a little overwhelming to be honest, but it’s exciting too!  I promise to do a better catch-up post on all of that soon (when I find the time, hopefully…) but today I just want to share some of the knitting going on!

You know what I haven’t been working on?  Yup.  That shawl.  It’ll be put back into the mix soon though, I hope.

I have been working on a bunch of things though, a lot that I can’t show you, sadly, but since I mailed off something seekrit the other day, I decided to take a few minutes to work on some custom orders, and those I can share!

The green fingerless mitts are back in the mix:

hopefully they come along quickly!

And also a black version of the lacy slouch:

black is really hard to photograph

What are you working on this week?  I’m linking up with Tami as usual 🙂