Back on the Wagon

This week the gals over at the Maven Circle are talking about getting back into the good habits we all make for ourselves and somehow manage to stumble out of.

How very timely! I was just thinking about this last night and started the ever-difficult climb back into the workout wagon this morning. I started running seriously over the summer and ran a half marathon in September but had only run once or twice since! I loved how running and working out made me feel, physically and mentally it just boosts all sorts of good feelings. Why wouldn’t I want to continue that? Well, it started off innocently enough, as falling out of the wagon usually does – I took some days off post-race to recuperate. Then I got sick. Then I got so overwhelmingly busy that I felt like working out would be a “Waste of Time” and that I could be doing more productive things.

Now, how on earth can I expect to be at my best and be giving my all if I don’t take care of myself?


I’m getting back into working out and running dammit. It’s happening. And it will be Glorious.

look at that face, how can I give that up?!

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