What Day Is It Again?

Whew.  It’s Tuesday.  Last I knew it was Thursday and I was preparing for a trip to Austin, TX to watch the first Formula 1 race held in the US since 2005.

The last time I planned a big trip (“big” being bigger than my frequent trips to New Mexico, etc) I was headed to Rhinebeck.  Do we remember what happened that time?  Two days before I left, my phone died.  Not that I needed that important piece of technology or anything.

This time, the phone worked, but two days before I left my ever-important computer decided that I didn’t need it either.  Not that I do 90% of my work on it or anything.

So, let’s just say that it’s been a really hectic and weird week for me.  I have lots of pictures I want to show you, knitting has happened, adventures have been had, but until I get myself a new ‘puter it’ll all have to wait.

Meanwhile, the dog has taken it upon herself to make sure that I neverevereverever leave her sight or arms-reach ever again ever.

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