Fast Cars in Austin

Ok, I ordered a new computer, it’s not here yet but I’ve fanagled a way to get my pictures to the blog!

I flew down to Austin on Friday and we watched Qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday, so…lots of noise and people and smells and sounds and foods and overstimulation-up-the-wazoo.

lots of action in our area

We were on turn 12, a great place to watch a lot of offensive and defensive passing maneuvers.  I don’t want to give away the results of the race if you’re a viewer and haven’t seen it yet, but I will say that the organizers of the event did a pretty good job with crown control!

the viewing tower that should have been a water slide

Instead of standing stationary in line for hours, the lines were broken up in maze-like form and the group just kept walking, we ended up walking for just about as long as we would have stood in line, I’m sure, but keeping the people walking kept anxiety levels down, moods up and everyone was pretty pleasant.  The shuttle system from the city to the brand new track was pretty awesome too, so many buses, thoughtfully laid out, barely any waiting here too.  The food lines were long, of course, but at least those were the only real lines we encountered.

And, of course, knitting happened…I can’t show you too much….but it happened! I promise!


2 thoughts on “Fast Cars in Austin

  1. It was a great weekend and an exciting race. The first F1 Grand Prix in the USA since 2007 and I’m glad everything went smooth. The atmosphere could’ve been better, but hey I had a wonderful time in Austin. I’m already planning to come back next year. How about you?

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