Oh November

What a crazy hectic month this has been.  November started off with a sense of overwhelm before October was even out the door – deadlines, projects, shows, travels, all good stuff – good for the self-employed life I strive for, at least.

Injury plagued the first two weeks of the month, making meeting deadlines rather difficult and then shortly after use of my wrist regained, my computer decided that it no longer wanted to perform it’s duties.  On my way down to Albuquerque from Denver on Wednesday my head gasket decided to blow, requiring time on the side of the interstate, limping the car to the closest town and a tow dolly transported from the destination city to return the recently deceased vehicle and her Captain and First Mate to New Mexico’s largest city.  Combine these with trips to Austin and Albuquerque, prep for craft shows, contract knits that needed to make it out the door and designs that are on their way to you…and I have been an exhausted puppy.

Knitting has been happening, everything is somehow getting done in the time frame that it’s needed, but I really am looking forward to the beginning of next year – a Grand Head Quarters Relocation for SillyLittleLady is planned (more details to come) and with it, a calmer schedule allowing for more efficient work conditions.

soft and simple

Driving back to Denver today, the canine and I are in possession of a safer, more reliable carriage and we hope to remove all distractions so that we can finish out the year with grace and sophistication.

Either that or a fair amount of wine.  Wish us luck.


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