Recap: Knit & Sip

Tuesday evening I taught 9 brand new knitters a post-apocalyptic life skill.  Call me an enabler, a pusher, heck, a dealer even, but this is one addiction that’s laden with benefits.

The goal was to tech them how to make a tiny scarf and hat set to adorn their favorite (alcoholic or non) bottle. (Mine happen to be of the alcoholic variety).DSCN1607

I really do love teaching knitters, my nervous excitement is too positive a feeling.  Any negative nerves were induced by driving and parking anxieties (a topic for another time…or not).

The class was held at a coffee and booze shop called Hooked on Colfax in Denver and although I’d never been to this venue before, I totally love it and would hang out there regularly were it not for the aforementioned anxieties because it is so far from where I currently live.  DSCN1619

Around 6, the students started rolling in and once everyone was seated with their beverage of choice, we began.  DSCN1622 DSCN1621 DSCN1620

By the end of the evening, many had half a scarf completed and they all had personal charm from the colors that were chosen, to the creative increases and decreases that are standard amongst first (second, third, fourth, twenty-eighth) timers.  Some even had finished pieces:DSCN1623

I hope the students had as much fun as I did, really really.  Learning to teach is almost as difficult as learning the thing being taught, constructive advice is always welcome!

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