Regular Content to Resume Shortly

So far so good, the actual “moving” part of the move went off without a hitch and now we’re trying to settle into SillyLittleLady’s new Headquarters.  In order for that to come to completion though, work needs to be done first.IMG_7290

These will be my new office digs soon…if this hideous wallpaper doesn’t kill my hands first.  Who thought stripping would be easy?  Not this girl anymore.  Whew, they call it a workout for a reason 😉

4 thoughts on “Regular Content to Resume Shortly

  1. Stripping wallpaper sucks! Been there, done that, no thank you.

    I hope you show us the finished project when you get your space all set up 🙂 I’m nosy, after all…

  2. Stripping wallpaper can be easy or it can be really hard. It kind of depends on a number of factors including age of the wallpaper, type of glue used, type of remover used, whether there’s a layer (or more) of wallpaper underneath, what kind of wall is underneath (did they paper directly onto drywall or onto some sort of barrier board or…). It’s not fun, that’s for sure.

    1. this one is wallpaper border around the top of the room, evidently super strong adhesive (personal opinion) and it was put onto a textured, painted wall…it took three days, but all the wallpaper is off! Now just…a million other projects to get it up to par haha!

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